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Blog dedicated to certified godlike genius Noel Gallagher. I love all kinds of music and artists but my undying devotion and admiration go to this man. You are welcome to join in worship. This is currently a 100% Gallagher blog. I have scanned a lot of photos from old Q and NME magazines so check My Scans for those.

Article Excerpt- Oasis: the band that changed our lives – by Lars Ulrich and Felix White →



Lars Ulrich of Metallica

In 1994 I was browsing through an issue of a magazine called Select, and there was a story about a band from England, with some unusual looking fellows, that I’d never heard of. I skimmed across the article, and was quite amused by the fact that every other word…

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Noel Gallagher Q&A session to take place in November at London's Hammersmith →



XFM has just announced they will play host to a Q&A session on November 3rd with Noel Gallagher at the Hammersmith Club — in front of a live audience!

The session will last for over 90 minutes and its panel will consist of Manic Street Preachers' Nicky Wire, former Creation Records

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Austin City Limits Music Festival - Day 2 , 2005


Austin City Limits Music Festival - Day 2 , 2005

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Regent’s Parklife, 1995.

Thank You joakimvr

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"As each generation goes on they take stuff from what has gone before."
Noel Gallagher, 1995 (via amethyszt)

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